Stuff About Diet and Health

I Wish I Knew

When I Was Your Age

The Book

"A great resource for any adolescent (or 40-year-old, for that matter) ... Should be mandatory reading in every 6th grade class."  -- Mark Sisson

Fat Head Kids is a book and animated movie that explains important stuff about diet and health Tom Naughton wishes he knew when he was your age. In the years that followed his documentary Fat Head, Tom has continued to blog, research and give talks on why USDA dietary advice is making us fat, sick and diabetic and what we can do about it. Filled with colorful characters and imaginative environments, Fat Head Kids takes the reader/viewer on a journey through space to visit different food environments. Learn the science behind which foods make us healthier and leaner and which foods make us fatter and sicker. What is blood sugar? How does insulin affect it? What causes boy boobs? Why is chronic inflammation bad? What are gut bugs? How does food affect our mood?

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